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Civic Landscape


The city with the biggest population and the largest area in Shandong is Linyi, in the southeast of the province. It has a total area of 17200 square kilometers and 10.415 million people. It is an open logistics center, with an annual turnover of more than 50 billion Yuan, the second ranking among the same kind of wholesale markets in China.



Linyi has been authorised as one of the Chinese cities with greatest investment potential by the transnational corporations, one of the 30 Most Focused Cities since the reform and opening up. It ranks first on the item of government efficiency among the Chinese City Competition List issued by the World Bank. Linyi has also been entitLED as Chinese Famous City for Calligraphy, China’s Geothermal City, the National Advanced Ecological City Construction, the Advanced City for Cultivated City Construction, China’s Woodboard City. It has got the prize of Enviorment Suitable for Living of Shandong Province. Linyi has supurior   geographical situation and locates in the middle part of Beijing-Shanghai expressway. Linyi Airport has more than 10 flight routes including Bejijing and Shanghai. Linyi is aboundant of beautiful natural scenery. There are 8 National AAAA scenery spots here. Linyi is advanced in commerce and logistics and is one of the biggest wholesale markets in China. It is entitLED as China’s Famous Market City. Linyi develops very fast in industry and now has formed eight backbone industries including food, Machinery, building material, woodboard, pharmacy, chemical , Textile and garment, metallurgy. Linyi is also a vigrous city. About 1000 foreign founed enterprises have been founded in Linyi including some of the Top 500 Enterprises in the world such as Volve from Sweden, Saint Gobain from France, Kellogg from the U.S.A.Nineteen enterprises of Linyi have been listed on the foerign stock markets.


Linyi City Foreign-Related Service Institutions

1. Major Foreign-Related Service Institutions
Linyi Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
Tel.: 86-539-8315330 
Linyi Development and Reform Commission
Tel.: 86-539-8312945
Linyi Investment Promotion Bureau
Tel.: 86-539-3123006, 3123019
Linyi Administration for Industry and Commerce
Tel.: 86-539-8309775
Linyi Office, State Administration of Foreign Exchange
Tel.: 86-539-8115162
Linyi Office, State Administration of Taxation
Tel.: 86-539-8129010
Linyi Local Taxation Bureau
Tel.: 86-539-8123600
Linyi Technological Supervision Bureau
Tel.: 86-539-8316270
Linyi Office, Qingdao Customs District People’s Republic of China
Tel.: 86-539-8321123
Linyi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
Tel.: 86-539-8097801
Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Linyi Municipal Government
Tel.: 86-539-8313892
Linyi Tourism Administration
Tel.: 86-539-8324220
CCPIT Linyi Sub-Council
China Chamber of International Commerce, Linyi Sub-Chamber
Tel.: 86-539-8314315
Linyi Overseas Investment Promotion Center
Tel.: 86-539-8132339
Linyi Service Center for Foreign Investment
Tel.: 86-539-8312552
Shandong Dayu Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd.
Tel.: 86-539-8109205
Shandong Tongtai Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd.
Tel.: 86-539-8211915
2. Major Hotels
Taoranju Hotel
Tel.: 86-539-8316888
Ronghua Hotel
Tel.: 86-539-8329888
Xinwen Hotel
Tel.: 86-539-8963888
Huidong Business Hotel
Tel.: 86-539-8077777
Shimeng Hotel
Tel.: 86-539-8234567 
Yizhou Hotel
Tel.: 86-539-8223013
Laobao Hotel
Tel.: 86-539-8175056
Linyi Hotel
Tel.: 86-539-8314918
Moon Town Hotel
Tel.: 86-539-8278888
Jiangquan Hotel
Tel.: 86-539-8248666
3. Major Websites
Website of Linyi Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

Shandong Linyi Business Window Net

Major Industries for Development

Five major industries for development: New- and high-tech industry, manufacturing and processing sector, business service, real estate development and urban area infrastructure construction. Linyi Party Committee and Linyi Municipal Government actively encourage and support investment to labor-intensive and capital-intensive industries and manufacturing and processing sector, and to business service, culture and education, public health, tourism development, social intermediary service, public facilities and infrastructure construction.

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