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Zaozhuang is located in the southern part of Shandong province, with five districts and one county-level city under its jurisdiction. Covering an area of 4550 square kilometers, it has a population of 3.83 million. There is a provincial-level high and new tech industrial development zone and six provincial-level economic development zones in the city.



Zaozhuang, one of the central cities in Southern Shandong Economic Zone, is the famous base of energy, coal chemical and building materials. With unique location and traffic advantage, Zaozhuang lies in the intersection of Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle and the Bohai Economic Circle, also is a crossroads of the Eurasian Continental Bridge and Grand Canal, Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway. Zaozhuang city has a long history with very brilliant culture, that is, the city has 7300 years of ancestor culture, 4300 years of urban culture, 2700 years of the canal culture and 130 years of industrial culture, and it was the Zaozhuang that the first stock came into birth in the history of China. Tai’erzhuang of Zaozhuang City is the first “Base for Cross-Strait Exchanges” approved by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council. Revolving around the “urban-transformation” strategy in recent years, Zaozhuang city has started the “Three Great Battles” of developing coal chemical industry, developing cultural tourism and speeding up urban construction, is fostering and strengthening the “Eight Industrial Clusters” of coal chemical, fine Chemicals, machine tools, cement, new building materials, Textiles and garments, agricultural processing and electronic information,  and it is  speeding up the development of “Four Characteristic Services” of cultural tourism, logistics industry along the transport, the professional market group, producer services.

So far, the total investment of Zaozhuang coal chemical projects that were constructed and are under construction has reached 27.8 billion Yuan. Zaozhuang has become one of the most powerful and competitive coal chemical bases in China. In 2009, the city's GDP reached 120.1 billion Yuan, up 12.6% compared to 2008; local fiscal revenue reached 6.08 billion Yuan, up 15.3%; total fixed asset investment finished 63 billion Yuan, up 26.1%; new loans of financial institutions was 17.5 billion, and the actual foreign capital credited into account was 216 million U.S. dollars. The State Council approved Zaozhuang City of one of the second-batch of country's transition experiment site for resource-depletion cities in 2009. Development of Zaozhuang has been a national strategy, and it is changing from a single mine-city to a full-featured "gateway" city in South Shandong.

Zaozhuang City Major Industries for Development

Zaozhuang City adheres to the way of new industralization in accordance with its actual conditions, and pools efforts to foster and develop alternate industries.


Fostering and expanding eight industrial clusters. Firstly, coal chemical. Expediting the construction of coal chemical industrial park; based on Yankuang Guoup, Xin’ao Group and Zaozhuang Mining Group, promoting the construction of key coal chemical projects, expanding carbinol production, in-depth processing ethylic acid, storing and developing dimethyl ether and alkene, so as to foster the new industry integrating coal, energy and chemical. Secondly, fine chemical. By depending on coal chemical industry, prolonging the industrial chain of coal gasification and carbonization, and developing series of fine chemical products, such as medicine intermediate, cosmetic intermediate, essence and perfume. Thirdly, machine tool. Based on such pillar enterprises as Lunan Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and Weida Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., developing a batch of medium and high-level numerical control machine tool products, such as intelligent compound processing machines and drilling and milling processing machines, and at the same time, promoting the development of other manufacturing and processing businesses; Fourthly, cement. Based on Zhongjian Cement Co., Ltd. and Cimpor Cimentos de Portugal, integrating the resources of cement industry, quickening the step of “restricting the development of upright kiln cement factory and encouraging rotary kiln cement factory”, doing a better job for the establishment of rotary kiln cement production line, developing cement for special usage, as well as in-depth processed cement products; Fifthly, new type of building materials. By depending on the pillar enterprises such as Beijing New Building Material Group Zaozhuang branch and Jinzhou Glass Co., Ltd., vigorously developing high-strength, light, fire-resistance, energy-conserving and environment-friendly building materials, such as paper-coated gypsum board, new materials for wall and glass for special usage. Sixthly, Textile product and garment. Based on the key enterprises such as Wantai Enterprise & Investment Co., Ltd., Lawrance Textile Co., Ltd., HiYoung Textile & Garment Co., Ltd. and Xiangyuan Garment Co., Ltd., promoting the technological level and enhancing the self-owned brand value; Seventhly, processing of agricultural and sideline products. With Wintop Food Co., Ltd. and Xianghe Dairy Co., Ltd. as the leading enterprises, developing the in-depth processing of animal husbandry products, vegetable and fruit by utilizing rich agricultural resources. Eighthly, electronic and information industry. Devoting more efforts to support enterprises engaging in electronic basic material production, and focusing on the development of such electronic products as magnet material, electronic components, optical cable and digital products, so as to form its own industrial characteristics.
Expediting the development of four service sectors with local features. Firstly, culture and tourism industry. With rich cultural resources, promoting the prosperity of culture and tourism industry. Secondly, logistics industry along the Great Canal. Based on the four large ports of Zaozhuang, Tai’erzhuang, Yicheng and Tengzhou, planning and constructing a batch of logistics park for staple goods, and fostering enterprises engaging in coal, building material and chemical transportation and storage, so as to form the modern logistic system along rivers and the Great Canal. Thirdly, a batch of speciality markets. By innovating the mode of “being guided by governments, operated in accordance with market mechanism and managed professionally”, and adhering to the principle of “promoting industry with commerce and prospering commerce by industry”, combining the construction of wholesale markets with the development of industries, and supporting a batch of speciality markets which feature unique characteristics, coordinated operation and integration of production and marketing. Fourthly, service sector related with production. Vigorously developing service sector in the fields of banking, insurance, legal affairs, accounting, transportation, telecommunication and advertisement, so as to promote the capability for serving the production.





Foreign-Related Service Institutions
Zaozhuang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (Zaozhuang Investment Promotion Bureau)
1. Offices for Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation in Zaozhuang Administrative Examination and Approval Service Center
Tel.: 86-632-3168601,3168676
2. Foreign Trade Promotion Section
Tel.: 86-632-3311104
3. Section for Sci-Tech Development and Technological Exp. and Imp.
Tel.: 86-632-3319567
4. Foreign Economic Cooperation Section
Tel.: 86-632-3340037
5. Foreign Investment Administration Section
Tel.: 86-632-3314028
6. Section 1 of Investment Promotion
Tel.: 86-632-3691558
7. Section 2 of Investment Promotion
Tel.: 86-632-3223888
8. Section 3 of Investment Promotion
Tel.: 86-632-3321175
9. Section of Development Zone Administration
10. Complaint Center for Foreign-Invested Enterprises
Tel.: 86-632-3319577
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